Scrap Metal Prices
in Brownsville and Masontown, PA

We Pay You Cash on the Spot

Complete Metal Recovery Has Very Competitive Scrap Prices

Complete Metal Recovery has very competitive scrap metal prices for customers in Brownsville and Masontown, PA. We pay cash on the spot for ferrous scrap metal and non-ferrous scrap metal at our salvage yard in New Salem, PA. Ferrous scrap metal is a magnetic metal that contains iron, including cars, tin, clean motors cast, dirty motors, mixed cast, and more. Non-ferrous scrap metal is a non-magnetic material that does not contain iron, including copper, copper batteries, aluminum, lead, red brass, and more.

Our prices for scrap metal are some of the best around. Call us today at (724) 245-2470 to check on current prices or check out the list below. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Ferrous Scrap Metal (Price Per 100 Pounds)

Metal Price
Tin $8.00
Cars $10.00
No. 2 Unprepared $9.00
Prepared $10.00
Dirty Motors $15.00
Clean Motors Cast $9.75
Mixed Cast $7.75
P&S Unprepared $12.00
P&S Prepared $13.00
Metal Turnings $4.25
Insulated Copper $0.50
Heater Cores $0.50

Motor Block – including transmission ($15.00 – must be drained)
Dirty Motor (must be drained)

Catalytic Converters from $10 to $45 ($3 aftermarket)

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal
(Price per Pound)

Metal Price
Aluminum $.40
Aluminum Wheels $.67
Al/Cu Radiators $1.40
Cast Aluminum $.20
Yellow Brass $1.70
Red Brass $1.80
No. 1 Copper $3.25
No. 2 Copper $3.05
Batteries $.20
Lead $.37
Non-Magnetic Stainless $.24
Magnetic Stainless $.08
Copper Radiators $1.70
Aluminum Radiators $1.70
Irony Aluminum  $.15
Automotive Wiring $.60

*Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
*We do not accept aluminum cans or construction debris.